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Each session will be tailored to strengthen individual needs and to achieve personal and team goals.

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Individual or Group 
Training Session

Each individual training session will be tailored to the athlete, their skillset, and their goals. Individual sessions are 1 hour long and always followed with feedback.

Group sessions can accommodate up to 6 athletes.  These sessions are 1 hour long and will follow the same format as the individual training sessions, tailoring to the general skillset of the group.


Routes on Air Session 

Each QB/WR/TE Routes on Air session affords quarterbacks the opportunity to throw routes and to perfect timing with a receiving corps. Receivers and TEs will fine tune their routes and have the opportunity to catch passes from different types of quarterbacks.  These sessions are 1 hour long and scheduled by 24-7 QB.

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Offensive Coaching Consultation

Each offensive coaching consultation is tailored specifically to the coach's needs. In a typical session, the coach shares their offensive scheme and philosophy, and 24-7 QB suggests plays and offers critiques to better the team. Sessions are a minimum of 1 hour and can be in-person or virtual. 

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